Spin Class

Spin Class
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If you like Spinning and Circuit Training then this class is for you. The class is split between working on a Spinning bike and traditional 'station' based circuit training. It covers cardio vascular fitness and muscular strength and endurance all in one massive hit!  We use Spinning bikes for the cardio hit then the resistance is taken care of by hand weights, resistance bands and your own body weight. The music will be pumping so you won't want to stop!

Class benefits
  • Increased fitness
  • Fat loss
  • Increased energy
  • Increased muscle strength & tone
  • Improved endurance
  • Improved coordination

Class Trainers



Abs Garcia has been involved in the fitness industry for the since 1990. His passion
for the industry started at the age of sixteen. Abs' background of training comes through a variety of sports. Therefore giving
Abs' a wide and effective way of training his clients, which makes his workouts more exciting and fun. Using such a variety of training methods helps his clients achieve optimum results.
  • 34
  • 185-190 pounds
  • 5'11'
  • Personal Trainer

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