Paramount Team

ELENA Manager/Personal Trainer

Elena Manager/Personal TrainerElena is the Manager and prior to managing the gym she worked as a personal trainer for 9 years.

She enjoys helping clients look and feel their best and helps her clients achieve long term results in the fastest possible time by using a comprehensive approach incorporating exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes where necessary.

She has worked with a wide range of clients needs ranging from weight loss, muscle building, fitness, reducing stress to improving posture, flexibility and back problems.


ABS Personal Trainer

Abs Personal TrainerWith nearly 20 years of experience within the fitness industry Abs has been involved with a whole array of individuals from the ordinary member of public to the athlete.

He is also a keen road cyclist and has raised funds for various charities involving bike rides within Europe.

Abs is a highly motivated individual who shows great encouragement for his clients for them to achieve their intended goals.


JULIO Personal Trainer

Julio Personal TrainerJulio has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. He has played tennis at a competitive level for his university and has been a tennis instructor for 6 years and a personal trainer for 2 years.

He has worked with a mixture of people such as sports coaches and personal trainers and has gained a variety of training methods which provide great results for his clients but also adds a fun aspect to training.

PANY Personal Trainer

Pany Personal TrainerWith over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, qualified in advanced personal training and a Martial Arts coach, Panny has helped many reach their goals and prepare others for Martial Arts competitions.

Still learning and competing himself Panny understands how difficult it is to stay motivated and keep to a strict plan. Throughout his experience in the industry his training routines come mixed with a wide range of training tools. Mixing boxing, cardio and weight training to give good shape and fitness.


ALEXI Personal Trainer

AlexiAlexi is a passionate and dedicated individual with a keen drive to help people achieve their goals.

Alexi has trained as a dancer and a performing artist for a number of years helping her to understand the continual stresses placed on the body through a hectic lifestyle and intensive training regime.

Working with a diverse range of people (including special populations) over the years has provided Alexi with excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills.


DOMINICK Personal Trainer

DominickDominick graduated as a personal trainer in early 2009, and has been a studio instructor since 2008. Coming from a family of personal trainers and dietitians, Dominick has been raised on the knowledge of fitness professionals; through this he has gained his own insight into the various methods of training. Dominick believes that a disciplined mind and focused goals are what will ultimately propel his clients to the peak of their ability. This includes body fat tests, postural assessments and accurate goal setting which becomes a common practice between sessions. With Dominick’s experience he is guaranteed to have you looking good in no time at all.

Dominick is also a Les Mills qualified body combat, body pump and RPM (spin) instructor, who teaches in various mainstream health clubs in London, so an instant rapport can be developed with him.

Dominick specializes in weight loss, muscle building, tone and power training. Feel free to approach Dominick in the gym and have a chat with him.


RICKY Personal Trainer

Ricky Fitness InstructorRicardo is a semi professional boxer who is currently holding two belts in his middleweight division (English champion and British master’s champion). He specializes in boxing circuits, abdominal work outs and is an expert in pad work and strength conditioning, coaching the novice to the advanced. Ricardo is a humble trainer who pays a lot of attention to each of the people he trains; and has exceptional motivational skills getting people past their barriers and onwards to achieving their goals.

If its toning and conditioning you’re after Ricardo’s enthusiastic and thorough training techniques will aid you there in no time working with your specific goals achieving results through advancement especially catered to ones needs.


CLAIRE Personal Trainer

Claire Fitness InstructorSpurway is the Director of Pure Fitness and is a full time athlete and personal trainer with over ten years experience. She is currently working with World-class coaches and training alongside Olympic Gold medallists aiming for London 2012. Combined with being educated at one of the best-known Universities for sport (Loughborough University) has given Claire the knowledge and experience to produce Lifestyle Packages for Pure Fitness that consistently produces fantastic results with clients at all levels.



Physio 1st physiotherapy practicePhysio 1st is a Physiotherapy practice that provides fast, effective management of all musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions.

They treat and prevent injuries relating to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, joints and bones.

Physio 1st recognizes the frustration and restrictions that accompany injuries and aim to provide a rapid cure that is both long lasting and affordable. Having treated elite athletes from numerous fields, their clinical team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to injury management, rehabilitation and treatment.

Physio 1st continues to work closely with some of the country’s leading experts in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions.